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Your Eggspert for Egg Donation in Europe


Looking for information about egg donation treatment abroad?

Dr. Yvonne Frankfurth
Fertility Coach + Founder of repro-travel.com and es-klappt-nicht.de
HP Lecturer, King’s College London
PhD, Reproduction SRI Group,

University of Cambridge

…then you’ve found the right place!

I offer independent private consultations for couples looking to do an egg donation in Europe.

My name is Yvonne Frankfurth. I’m glad you’ve found me! This website is still under construction, so stay tuned for more information. Please feel free to reach out anytime, if you’d like to get in touch with me in the meantime.

Next to my academic work at KCL and Cambridge, I offer a small number of fertility consultations, webinars and seminars, to pass on my insights on the European IVF and egg donation market to clinicians, intended parents and a lay audience.


I currently work as an HP lecturer at King’s College London and teach on gender, health and reproduction at the University of Cambridge

I am also an affiliate of the renowned reproductive research network SRI at Cambridge, where I’m particularly interested in reproductive tourism and the fertility market for IVF and egg donation in Europe.

To ensure my research reaches the public, I write articles for various fertility websites and magazines and take part in public engagement events.

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Egg donation in Europe - where to go?! Illustration by artist Gina Glover
Finding the egg…
Illustration by artist Gina Glover

Egg donation in Europe